When the impossible became possible

A less dramatic flight when we went to Frankfurt a couple of weeks ago
Update AGAIN! I'm almost home now, just one more hour on the ferry.
Yesterday I had my flight in the evening from Charles de Gaulle in Paris. It started good when a friend gave me a ride to the train station but from that it just went down. The train out to the airport ended up taking one hour instead of 30 minutes which delayed my plans a bit. No panic at this point though. When I'm going to drop my bagage it's 2,5 kilos overweight even though I had checked it at home. Panic. Cause who wants to pay 70 euros for that? After sleeping 3 hours the past night my condition was pretty fragile so I started crying and the young guy working at the counter let it go for free. Such an angel. On to the security control. For the first time in my life they weighed our cabin bags. Panic. I had 2 kilos overweight here and had to go back to bagage drop to check in another bag. 70 euros. At this point my flight is leaving in 40 minutes and there's a long line so naturally I start to cry again. Get the tag to the bagage and the man is going to give it to me for free (thanks tears!) but when I'm going to drop it he tells me it's too late. He calls the airplane and they say it's too late. I'm speechless and walk off with my bags, upset as never before. For 10 seconds I'm planning to go back to my apartment but then my stubborn self whispers that nothing is impossible so I pull of the luggage tag on my bag and rush back to security for the second time. There's a long line so I pass everyone and say that my flight is in 30 minutes and the staff let me pass straight to the control without checking my luggage weight this time. Still 2 kilos overweight. Of course they have to check one of my bags cause I had liquids but then everything is fine and there's still 20 minutes to my flight so I sprint through the airport to my gate. And guess what? I made it. 
So what do we learn from this story excpet that the impossible is possible?
1. Always be ridiculously early in the airport
2. Tears can move mountains
3. Never trust the airport staff
4. Never trust your scale at home
5. Fair play is not always the best way to go