Home sweet home

... Aaaaand I'm finally home. Arrived yesterday and after chilling at home for a while and being reunited with the fam I went straight to work at Mariepark. Finished at 1:30 in the morning after awakening my inner waitress for 7,5 hours. Lots of fun but also pretty tiring I'll tell you. Who knew waitressing would be such a passion of mine huh? Haha. Anyways. So sad I'm not working in Rockoff (our big summer music festival) this year. I think many of last year's team will be there and I just remember those 9 days as the most intense and fun days of my summer. Not to forget the 18 hour long staff party as seen in the pic above. Oh well, I guess Barcelona isn't too bad either. 
Today I worked in the school where I got an assistant job for 3 weeks. Good to be back there as well, it always feels like home. After finishing I went to reunite with my dear Dessie after another 6 months apart and then we had coffee with Sarah and Bim. Love my girls that's for sure. Hung out with Dessie the rest of the day before I drove her home and now I'm just doing a facemask. Tomorrow I work in the school and in the evening with Mariepark. Feels good to be earning some money again even though I did work in Paris as well. Later guys!