Hi my favs! Here's a sunny picture from today. I spent yesterday and part of today at our summerhouse with my mom and the dogs and had a really nice and relaxing time. First weekend in AGES that I haven't been out. Though I regret it a bit lol... Typical me. Next weekend for sure, the party animal in me doesn't sleep for long. Tonight I had dinner with my dads side of the family and then saw friends and hung out like old times. <3 Nice to see them all again! Now I'm doing a facemask and soon going to bed to fall asleep infront of some series. This week I'm just working in the school, pretty chill I think. And in the weekend I hope I can work in one of the restaurants I used to work in before. And then going out hehe. Not much going on but that's pretty nice too. Feeling more relaxed than in such a long time, like I can finally breath and think clearly again after being a bit too dragged into the superficial nightclub scene in Paris. It's hard to be so aware of your looks all the time... I enjoy the nature, the calm (even though it's a bit too calm maybe), seeing friends and family and just chilling. This is a good place to come home to, that's for sure. Hope you had a good and fun weekend and have a great and productive week everyone! xx