Bye Paris!

Hello there friends. Sorry for being the most absent blogger in the world. Life got in between, it's been a pretty hectical couple of weeks since I finished school. A weekend in Germany, visit from Mathias and now visit from Patricia and Jasmine, all very very good. Now I'm sitting on my apartment floor close to the door to reach wifi, about to leave for the airport because today I'm going home. How weird isn't that? This year has gone by soo fast. I start work straight when I get home tomorrow which feels great and then I'm going back to Paris in 3 weeks for a weekend. Then back home again and then, finally, I'm leaving to Barcelona. Highlight of my summer for sure. Can't remember when I last looked forward to something this much. 
Anyways, it will be great to be home tomorrow and I'll try to update you a bit more frequently. Can't wait to finally land on planet earth after being up in the clouds here these past few months. It's been a rollercoaster but also very exhausting and I don't think my body can take so much more. Looking forward to fresh air and the feeling of HOME. Ciao! x