Squad goals

Marta, Sarah, Macha and Ellie <3
Hi loves! Sorry I'm the worst blogger ever but life just seems to be going in 180 km/h right now. Not that I can blame anyone for myself for it haha, always making plans and planning stuff. So. Sarah has left me which is sad since we had the BEST time ever. My best friend is better than your best friend for sure. We went out Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week haha... Thursday and Friday was L'Arc which is said to be the best club in Paris and I can confirm that that is about right. There's something special about L'Arc. On Thursday I went with Sarah and Macha and hung out with my promoter friend Christopher and on Friday with Anna and her roomie Julia. We met my friend Romain there and had an awesome evening. It's so hard not to go out in Paris when the night life is this good here. Big problems huh? Yesterday (Saturday) I just went to Paradis du Fruit with Ellie to start my detox part 100 or something about that and then I went for a long walk through half of Paris. In the evening I chilled at home and then went to see Rachel, Angie and Ana at a cool bar close to Hôtel de Ville. Nice evening but I finished it early since I have an important casting today. I'll tell you more about it later if it goes how I want it to. Now I'll continue with some school work, have coffee, a well deserved shower and then see Macha before the casting. Ugh I'm so nervous. Have a great end to the weekend guys and remember to party hard but work even harder haha. New motto in life.