Life smiles

Hey Monday! New week, new start. I've had the best weekend to be honest, mostly spent it with Macha but also Ellie, Anna and Julia. We've dona picnics at the Eiffel Tower as seen above and been out. Thursday I worked in VIP ROOM and on Friday and Saturday we went to L'Arc. Had so much fun! Last night I had tacos and cocktails with my new Swedish friend Angelica, she's so great. Best weekend in a long time in a conclusion. 
ALSO I have to announce that the casting I went to last weekend has resulted in a summer job in Barcelona! I will work as an events organizer/promoter for the company Summer Rockz and I couldn't be more excited!!! Spending a summer in Barcelona is truly a dream come true. I'll go home to Åland the 16th of May and then I'll see when I go to Barcelona, either in June or July. I'll keep you posted! 
Now I'm back in school and I feel like I still haven't woken up today. Work hard play hard isn't really a sustainable lifestyle aparently. Anyways. Tonight I'll go to dinner with my girls, looking forward to it. Just have to take a nap before hehe. Have a great week everyone!