Red door

Hi lovies! Here's a little throwback to a sunnier Paris last week when my family was visiting. Can't wait for Rome this upcoming weekend, it's supposed to be 20 degrees and sunny?!?! Think I will die and come to heaven. Anyways. This week was good and the weekend even better as always. Worked on Friday all day and in the evening I saw Lilia in Rachel's bar at Trocadero before we went to L'Arc and then Héritage. I was surprised though cause L'Arc is said to be the best club in Paris and that's where all the celebrities go but I wasn't so impressed. Héritage is definitely better! Maybe I should do a Paris going-out-guide, feels like I know most places by now lol. Yesterday my school had open house day so I was there a few hours with some of my classmates. Got my own badge with my namne and everything, felt so cool haha. I got so nostalgic cause I remember so well one year ago when Emma and I went there and first found out about the school and it became my dream to study there. Never thought I would get in but I guess sometimes you actually get what you want if you set your mind to it. In the afternoon I went to see my god parents who were visiting Paris, we had sushi for lunch and then coffee at Madeleine, so nice to meet them and catch up. In the evening I went to Ellie's in the 7th and had an apero with her, Macha, Ellie's friend Laura, Marta and Alex. Great evening that ended with some dancing in Concrète which is like a club on a boat (pretty cool). Today I woke up late and just been watching series and drinking coffee. Even got some school work done! Now I'll soon head over to Macha's and then go to Ellie's again. Think we'll have vegan burgers tonight I'm SO excited. I barley have any food at home at the moment cause I'm lazy so it will be great with a good meal. Have a nice Sunday guys!