Pink flowers

Happy Monday guys! Here's a photo from Macha's and my walk yesterday. How beautiful with the pink flowers? Unfortunately the weather isn't as good in Paris today... Woke up this morning after more than 8 hours of sleep which doesn't happen a lot for me so I felt great. Had a super short day in school which was nice and have even started to work on my internship report due in two weeks. After school I went to HEMA and bought some candles, face masks, chia seeds, nuts and cups etc. and now I'm back home. No special plans for this evening except that I should do my laundry since I have to start packing for Rome on Thursday. It will be so great I can't wait! Oh and today I also booked tickets for Macha, Ellie and myself to go and visit Lilli in Frankfurt in the end of April. How awesome isn't that on a scale?