New week

Summer and sun now yes PLEASE
Hi there! New week new challenges lol. Here's my plans for this week.
Monday: Today I'm just in school, had a french ortographe test this morning that went better than I thought. I think. Now we have management and then I'm just passing the supermarket on my way home since I don't have anything eatable at home at the moment. I think tonight's dinner will be a couscous salad with a soya steak. 
Tuesday: School consisting of Spanish presentation and exam, then French law. After school I'll go and work to the bakery the rest of the evening. 
Wednesday: School and then no plans. I know that Beauty and the Beast will be realeased this day here in France so hopefully I'll get someone who wants to go with me. 
Thursday: School and refill of my eyelashes. Don't know if I told you about them but I got an eyelash extension and it's the best thing I've done. Probably going out in the evening, either L'Arc or VIP ROOM.
Friday: Work in the bakery half day or all day, not sure yet!
Weekend: No plans except enjoying the sunny weather. I'm so excited! And next week it will be more than 17 degrees every day yeyyyy!! Will probably also fin out this weekend about the casting I went to yesterday. I. Want. It. So. Bad. Please do cross your fingers for me.