My afternoon

Here's some pics form my calm and lovely afternoon. After coming home from school I changed into a casual dress and grabbed a book and went to the beautiful Place de Vosges which is like a 5-10 minutes walk from my place. Sat down in the sun and just enjoyed for over an hour. Then I headed back home and had a little detox dinner consisting of couscous, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, avocado, hommos and some olive oil. So good! I'm really into salads and all that stuff and I guess it's just to embrace it since I will spend the summer in Barcelona hahah. Then I did a new face mask that I bought at Primark and it felt really good, almost a bit sticky which means it's working. In this photo you also see a little bit of how my eyelashes look after the extension + refill last week. I'm so in love with it. 
Tomorrow I'm booking a trip over the easter with my favorites Lilli and Macha so stay tuned to see where we are going... Will never stop travelling, that's for sure. Tomorrow I also only have one class which is so nice, in the afternoon. That means I can sleep in before heading out for a morning run and doing laundry. Sleep tight friendos!