La dolce vita

Heeey guys! Sooo I had the best time in Rome with Sarah. We lived next to Colosseum, visited the Vatican, Fontana di Trevi, the Spanish steps and many other places. We also went to my dads cruise ship on Sarah's birthday and had the best day. The weather was lovely, the food amazing and of course we had some red wine. The best trip! Now we are back in Paris, on Sunday we spent a great day in the sun by the Eiffel Tower, had sushi, went to Rue Crémieux and finished by Fifty Shades in the cinema. It was SO GOOD you have to se it. I loved it! Yesterday (Monday) I had school in the morning and then we went to Champs Élysées, the rooftop of Lafayette and had a chill evening at home. Today I'm in school today and then I think we will just enjoy the sun. Spring is really here and I can reasure you that no one is happier than me about it. I even got some freckles!! I'll post a bunch of photos here later so stay tuned! xx