House Of Dolls

Hi babes! And speaking of babes, found the photo above on L'Arc's facebook page yesterday from last Thursday. Such a good evening with two of my favorites in the whole wide world. Do not ask about Sarah's bandana or sunglasses though, that's another story...
Anyways. It's Wednesday and I'm in school and can't wait for the weekend. So much fun coming up. VIP ROOM tomorrow evening where I'll also work as a promoter for the first time, then L'Arc on Friday I think with Macha, Anna and Julia and on Saturday we are going to some dinner I think. I am also very excited to say that after this week I have 5 weeks left in school before we go on a 4 months break. Can't believe how this year has gone by and how much French I've learned along the way. Very grateful that I stayed in school even though it was hard in the begining. Tonight I'm going with Macha to some event that her association from school hosts, will be fun I think.
Have a great Wednesday everyone and remember that the weekend is just around the corner if you're struggling.