Hey lovers. Here's a pic from yesterday's lovely afternoon/evening with Macha. I went straight to her after a long day in school and we went for a little walk in the sun by the Seine before we sat down on a rooftop on the boat Flow by Pont Alexandre III and had coke and icetea. So so so nice. Felt like the weekend again. After that we went to our favorite restaurant Café du Marché in the 7th and had royal mojitos and dinner. After a while Marta joined us and we had a really nice evening. Came home at eleven and did a face mask and took a shower before I went to sleep and slept over eight hours which I really needed. Sleep isn't exactly my number one priority at the moment... Today I have a short day in school which is nice and then I'm just going home I think. Might do some laundry and go for a run or do that tomorrow since I don't have class in the morning. We'll see. xoxoxo