Bridges of Paris

Hi guys! Yesterday I worked all day and did some errands on Champs Élysées so not much to write about here. Today I got up at a reasonable time and headed to the laundry place and then for a run while I was waiting. Also had time to do some exercises outside such as jump lunges, squats and the plank. Great start to the day. Now I'm back home and have had a big salad for lunch with lentils, cucumber, salad, corn, feta cheese and olives. So yummie! Then I've been cleaning and packing for Rome tomorrow. Rome. Tomorrow!!!! I'm sooo excited. I'll go straight to the airport after school since I only have one hour and 50 minutes between that my class finishes and my flight leaves. Hmm, not sure what I was thinking there but I'll take an Uber to the airport so it will be quick and easy. I come back to Paris on Sunday and then in company with Sarah, she will stay here for five days yeyyy!! So much fun coming up. This photo above is by the way from over a year ago when I first had moved to Paris. It's crazy how time flies. 
Now I'm about to head to school for a two hour lecture and tonight I'll see Macha and finish my packing. See you xxx