Hi guys! Sooo yesterday I turned 21!! Can't believe it I feel sooo old haha... Anyways I had a good day with school, gifts, phone calls, some shopping and the best dinner in the evening with almost all my friends here as seen above. Lilia from Ukraine, Ellie from England, Macha (who's eating in the photo haha) from La Reunion, me, Anna from Sweden and Marta from Poland. Such an international gang! Love them all and we had so much fun thanks girls!<3 We had burgers for dinner, soo good. At eleven Lilia and I headed to Trocadero to meet up with Rachel at her bar and spent a few hours there. 
This morning it was hard to get out of bed, I am not going to lie. But I managed to do it and went to school. We had Excel the first 3 hours which isn't anyone's favorite subject. Now we have macroeconomics which is pretty okay. After school we are doing a group project with Daphne, Celia and Nadège from my class and then I'm just gonna go home and have dinner and chill all night. Can't wait for it haha. Apart from that I'm excited about tomorrow when I'll go and do an eyelash extension finally!! On Friday I'll work all day and then I'm going out with Lilia in the evening to celebrate our birthday's again. Hopefully we'll go to Héritage, it's my favorite club right now. Always good to know the manager... And on Saturday we have open house in my school so then I'll be here and talk to aspiring students and in the evening we are doing an apero at Ellie's place with her and Macha and hopefully someone else as well. Yesss