What I miss about Paris

So with my return to Paris coming up in a couple of days, I thought I'd make a little list or something of what I miss the most in the beautiful City of lights. Here we go!
I miss my cute little apartment in this beautiful building. How lucky am I to be living in an old Parisian building like this one? I know!
I also miss my view cause it's pretty awesome. Not that I can see many landmarks except for Gare de Lyon but still, it's my view and I love it.
The river Seine. One of my all time favorite parts of Paris. How can one not just fall in love with this beautiful river?
Missing to be able to see the Eiffeltower almost everywhere you look in the city, no matter where you are.
Oh, how I miss these girls! Plus Rachel. Can't wait to be reunited with all of them again.
Place de la Republique, one of many pretty spots in the city.
Long walks and runs by the Seine.
Sushi!!! Need I say more?
Concorde and the Tuileries.