An old pic from last year with my favorites in front of that famous tower. I'm gonna try to be better at taking photos, that is using my camera like I used to do all the time before.
Anyways. Yesterday I had a great day. Started it with lunch with Rachel in Saint Michel at Paradis du Fruit. Sooo yummie. We had salmon brugers with potato wedges and salad and then cheesecake for dessert. Then we did some shopping in Les Halles (or I did some shopping... Hello shopaholic!) and then I went swimming with Emma. It was a long time ago so that was really nice. In The evening I met Macha and some guys in a restaurant and had dinner and drinks. Or well, I had a virgin mojito. Did I tell you I'm not drinking alcohol in January? Doing a little bit of a cleanse/detox hehe, well needed after December. Ellie arrived later and then us girls went to my favorite bar in Saint Michel and then to the club Héritage next to Arc de Triomphe right of the Champs Elysées. It was out first time there and we had such a great time! I can really recommend that club, must be one of the best I've been to in Paris. 
Today I had to get up early to go to a job interview in a boulangerie (bakery)! I will work there on tuesday and then we'll see, hopefully I'll get it! Would be so awesome.
Now I'm just chilling at home, had banana pancakes with fresh raspberries and peanutbutter for lunch and in a few hours I'll meet Macha. Have a great weekend loves!