Sunday @ La Recyclerie

Hello friends! Here is a pic from right now. I'm at a café called La Recyclerie in the 18th arrondissement in the north of Paris with Emma where we are studying. It is very hipster-ish and cool wiht loads of people. I've been writing on my law notes and just finished my report for the internship that I had in december so that feels great. Now I just sent in next weeks fashion column so I have one thing less to this upcoming week. We are starting the new semester tomorrow and I'm a bit nervous since we have new courses with new teachers. But it also feels good with a clean sheet and since I know much better French now than when we started in the fall it should be fine. We start with six hours of management tomorrow which I think will be really interesting since it's management that we are actually studying, I mean, it's the name of our degree, international management.  Now I think we'll have something for lunch since we've been her for three hours. Got up before 10 this morning which is pretty good  for me on a Sunday. Tonight we'll go to the cinema with Marta and Alex and see the new film La La Land, so excited for it since i've heard so much good about it. Have a great Sunday guys!