My best trips

There's no secret that I love to travel... like most people actually, when you think about it. Right now I'm reallly in the mood to book a trip over a weekend, but I just can't figure out where/with who. Anyway, here are some of the best trips I've done throughout the years!
New York 2012
When I turned 16 my dad gave me a trip to New York, the city of my dreams back then. It is by far one of the best trips ever, if not the best one. I LOVE New York more than anyone and can't wait to go back there one day, or preferably live. We were true tourists for a couple of days and just enjoyed the best of the big apple. Can't believe it's been 5 years already.
Paris 2012
The last year of school I went to Paris with my French group from school and our awesome teacher Sara. It was then and there that I fell in love with the city that I today call home. It was truly a great trip, except those baby pink pants... And I thought I was so trendy haha...
Brighton 2012
The summer after I had graduated from school I went on my first "bigger" adventure on my own, to Brighton, England on a 3 weeks language course. It was an experience that changed me and opened my eyes to traveling and the world. Good memories!
Paris 2013
Paris, again. This time with the French group from my high school. So so so much fun. 
Cruise 2013
Went on a cruise on my dads cruise ship with my sister summer 2013 for two weeks I think it was, in the Baltic Sea. We started in Southampton, England and continued to Copenhagen, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Latvia, Lithuania and Bornholm. Great two weeks with my sister and dad and had a crush on the cutest Norwegian guy. Good times. 
Mexico 2013-2014
In the second year of high school I escaped the cold for a year under the mexican sun as an exchange student with Rotary. Still the best decision of my life. One year filled with new experiences, a mexican boyfriend, confusions in the Spanish language and some of the best friends I've ever had. I wouldn't change it for all the money in the world and I can't wait to go back to my second home that will always hold a special place in my heart. This photo was taken at Chichen Itzá during the Ruta Maya that we did during two weeks with exchange students from all over the world. 
Lyon 2014
After coming home from Mexico I went to France, to Lyon to visit Grégoire aka the love of my life during fall break. It was my first time in France in another city than Paris and we had a great time together. Now I've been in Lyon three times altogether and can't wait to go there again in February. 
Jersey 2015
Summer 2015 it was time for my first (and probably only lol) Natwest Island Games, on the island Jersey which is a part of England. I went with my volleyball team and had a great week and we came in fourth (almost almost third). Such a fun experience with the best team!
Magaluf 2015
Since my friends graduated high school in spring 2015 we headed to Spain that summer for a week of party and enjoying the good life. We stayed at the most amazing hotel and had a such a good week in the sun. Everyone should experience Magaluf once in their life when they are young, though I think one time is enough...
London 2015
Went to London in the fall of 2015 for my sister's 18th birthday. It was my gift for her and I think she liked it. We had a great couple of days with some qualite sister time, shopping and sightseeing. Just like it should be when going to London. 
Paris 2015
The day after I had done my last exam in high school I went to Paris to visit my dear Emma who was there as an aupair. Also met my future aupair family. We had some nice days in the sun and visited most parts of Paris as well as having a crazy night out that started with some tinder guys and a view of the Eiffel tower and ended with a house party where we only knew each other. Fun night, though.
Milan 2016
Last year I turned 20 which I celebrated with Emma in Milan, Italy. It was our first time in Italy and we couldn't have had a better experience. From the cute Airbnb couple that hosted us, to the fancy club to the Italian model... 
Sevilla 2016
And now to my latest trip: in November last year I went to Sevilla to visit my friend Rachel who was living there. Enjoyed a weekend filled with party, Thanksgiving celebrations with Americans and strolling around the old beautiful city.