Happy New Year 2017!

Hey there! I don't know why I'm sucha lame blogger nowadays but maybe that will change 2017? Speaking off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Since the last time we spoke I've spent a lovely Christmas at the summer house with my mum and our pets, been out a couple of times with these favourites above, celebrated New Years with them and worked quite a lot. Both in Sittkoffska and Modehuset Alice. Mathias and I also worked one evening in KINO as bartenders haha, such a fun but exhausting experience. Love being a bartender sometimes though, you get so much energy. Today I started in some school work that I have to do for the internship and also started study for our big test in microeconomics next week... Can't believe I'm going back to Paris on Saturday, this month has gone by soo quickly. But I must say I'm excited though, I'm really missing the city and my friends there. Will be great to be back. Not too excited about school ehh but it's only a couple of months. 
Oh also I booked a trip the other day! In the end of this month I'm boarding a flight to Italy yeeyyy!! Will be so much fun, I will visit my dad who's there for work. Haven't seen him since early august so it will be great for sure. Also I love Italy after Emma's and mine trip to Milano last year for my 20th birthday. 
Okay now I'm going to bed to watch a couple of episodes of my all time favourite tv show, Sex and the city (apart from Friends and Gossip girl) and then sleep. Tomorrow I'm going to the gym, then have lunch with my girls and visit my grand father in the hospital with my cousin before work in the evening. Talk to you soon! <3