Eat your greens

Hello lovers! I hope you've had a great weekend like I did. Yesterday I worked in the bakery and then Emma came to my place before we went to celebrate Rachel and Nikol's birthday party in a cozy little bar with some people. Great evening that ended with dancing at Corcoran's on Grands Boulevards before I took a night bus home. Today I had breakfast with Emma and then I've done some vegetable shopping in the market as always on Sundays, studied French law for two hours and been out for a 1,5 hour walk in the late afternoon sunshine. Almost 8,5 km, not so bad. Now I'm home and just enjoyed this lovely meal above; sweet potato, brussel sprouts, carrots and haricots verts with guacamole. So so so good. Don't think I'm gonna do much tonight, maybe watch a movie or two or continue with Skam. If you haven't seen it it's a must-do. Tomorrow I'm off school even though it's Monday which is great haha!
Have a nice evening everyone!