De retour à Paris

Hi guys! Or should I say "bonsoir"? I'm back in Paris since yesterday and it feels so good! I really did have a great time back home but coming back here made me realise just how much I'm in love with this city. Yesterday I saw Marta and Alex and had the traditional gallette de rois and played boardgames and in the evening I hung out with Macha. This morning I tried to wake up pretty early and went out for a little run before I did some vegetable shopping in the market and grossery shopping as well. So now my fridge is full again, yey! Made the most delicious soup for dinner, I'll post the recipe here later, you have got to try it. After running and food shopping I studied for an hour or so before I headed out. Went to Notre Dame and Saint Michel and ended up in Jardin Luxembourg where I sat down for a while to read my very good book. After dinner at home I met Rachel at Bastille and went to a little bar on Rue de Lappe to catch up and after a while we went to another bar to meet her friends Etienne and Angelo. Great evening. Tomorrow I have class for three hours only so it's quite a chill start. These first three weeks will actually be very chill since it's the end of the semester. Just a couple of exams and then we're done!
Talk more to you tomorrow, have a great monday everyone.