Berries & coffee

Hi guys and happy Sunday! I hope you all are well. I am definitely feeling good today. Woke up at 10 but stayed in bed until 11 when I headed out in the crispy air for a 4k run by the river. A very good start to the day indeed. Then I went straight to the market and bought sweet potatoes, onions, avocados, bananas and a cucumber. The weekly vegetable shopping, that is. When I came back home I had some cereal with banana and yesterday's fresh respberries with a big cup of coffee for a late breakfast. I even got an essay done for school that's due tomorrow so I'm satisfied with myself. It was about the different sale techniques in our internship, 3500 signs. And in French, of course. No problems though, I feel like I'm mastering the French language pretty well these days. Finally, haha. Now I'll take a warm shower and then I'm going to meet up with Emma. Have a good day everyone!