Weekend at home

Hi my loves! Here's a charming photo of me without makeup in the airport waiting for my flight that will leave Stockholm in one hour. I had a great weekend at home and did quite a lot of things I think. On Friday afternoon I went for a walk with my very much missed mom and our dags and then we had coffee at home. In the evening I went to dinner with my friends and some boyfriends. We had such a nice time and it was really good to see them all again. We had wine and drinks and even a few shots before we continued the evening in Dinos with beer pong. 

On Saturday I had lunch with Mathias and Moa in Iwa and then Mathias and I went to Maxinge a while. I bought pants in H&M for 10 euros, very comfortable indeed. After dinner at my dads place with some relatives I headed to Kino where I worked as a bartender all night. It was quite a lot of people, fun evening! Came home a little before 5 in the morning though... On Sunday I went with Sarah to my little cousins 12th birthday party and had cake so I also got to see that part of the family. And in the afternoon we went with Bim to watch a volleyball game. In the evening I had dinner at home with my mom, sister and her boyfriend and just had a chill evening at home. Also got my new iPhone!!! It's an iPhone 7, pink/rose and I'm in love. Never seen a prettier phone indeed. 
Today I have to do a PowerPoint presentation when I'm back in Paris for tomorrow's Spanish class and then I'll see Rachel I think. I only have four classes this week so that pretty chill I think. 
Take to you later!