Throwback 20...10 with my favorite. Can't wait for spring and summer to arrive, hopefully sooner than later.
Today I started the day early with a shower before I went to walk the dog that I'm looking after this week. Right now I'm in school and then I'll go straight to the boulangerie. In the evening I'm walking the dog again.
Long day in school and some dog walking. In the evening Marta and I will do an apero and go for a walk, will be nice. 
Last day in school this week. I think I'm working in the boulangerie in the evening but I'm not sure cause we finish school pretty late this day. This is the last day that I'm looking after the dog before the owner comes back. In the evening I have to pack my bags.
On Friday I have to get up early to take the train from Marne La Vallée which is situated outside Paris right by Disneyland. I'm going to Lyon for the weekend, yeyyy so excited about it. I'll arrive at lunch time and then I have to wait for Grégoire until he finishes school in the evening. Might see my friend Macha's friend Laure as well.
Grégoire is having his birthday party in the evening. I think we will be around 20-30 people in his parents house, will be a fun evening for sure. Looking forward to it! I just have to find him a good gift hmm...
Last day in Lyon. If I know us right we will be pretty tired hehe... In the evening I'm taking the train back to Paris and I will arrive at Gare de Lyon around midnight which is close to where I live.