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Hi my dear readers. So i came back to Paris on Monday afternoon. In the evening I went to Rachel's place and had a little dinner and some red wine with her, such a lovely evening. I'm so grateful for my friends here. Yesterday I just went to school, we had a presentation in Spanish about Mexico and I think it went really well. When I came home I felt so bad so I went to bed and slept until nine o'clock in the evening... It wasn't my plan but I think I needed it. Here's the rest of the plans for this week
Today, Wednesday
School 9-17. Tonight I'll have tacos with Emma in my place and then we're going out. So excited for it. Also have to buy groceries before since my fridge is completely empty right now. 
One class in the afternoon. Before I'll dye Marta's hair I think. In the evening I might see Caitlyn, was a long time ago!
No school yey! I'll run some arrends and in the afternoon I'm going to the bakery to work. Later in the evening I think I'm going out with Macha and maybe Ellie.
Work again in the afternoon. No other plans.
No plans at all. Maybe study some if I have anything to do, otherwise maybe the cinema. I really want to see the new Fifty Shades movie that's out today here in Paris!