Sun lover

Hi my loves! I don't know why I'm such a bad blogger these days but I've been wuite busy lately. This weekend I went to Lyon to see Grégoire. Had a great time with him and his friends, so much fun. Came back to Paris on Sunday evening and went to school on Monday. In the evening I saw Rachel in Bianco's for a glass of wine and the yummiest chocolate dessert (the healthy lifestyle continues...). We sat outside and it wasn't even cold! I love this weather. I don't know if I'll ever be able to live all-year in Finland after this. Anyways. On Tuesday I had school again, followed by work in the bakery. In the evening I went with Macha and her friend Myriam to a dance club where you dance in pairs. SO much fun! 
Today my dad his wife and my sister came to Paris to visit for a couple of days so I picked them up in the airport in the morning. Now I'm in school and this evening we'll do some touristy stuff like the Eiffel tower I think. Have a good rest of the week everyone!!