Rainbow colors

Hey my dear readers! Today was a good day even though I had to get up very early to walk Nixon before school. We finished earlier which was nice so then Marta and I went for a long walk from Bastille to Place Vendôme where we went out with Nixon and then had apero. Very yummie. Lifehack when in France, by the way: buy wine in a wine store like Nicolas, not in the supermarket. You can find just as cheap wine but much better. Just thought you should know. Befpre I headed home tonight Nixon and I went for an evening walk by the Seine for almost an hour. The weather here is just LOVELY right now, 16 degrees today and I was warm in my light coat?!?! Hello spring/summer??? Sorry but as a person from a country in the north we are always overly excited about warmer weather. Haha. Now I'm home and have cleaned some in my appartment and just did a face mask and took a shower. Just found out that our first class tomorrow got cancelled which means I start at 1:30 in the afternoon. So in the morning I'll take Nixon out for a little morning walk and then head out for a run along the Seine I was thinking. Can't wait for it. I HAVE TO get better at working out, it's just not one of my biggest priorities right now but I've gotta change it sooner than later... I'm so not ready for beach 2017 if you know what I mean. Not that it matters since I already know that I'll probably work 24/7 this summer but still. Oh well. 
Have a good night everyone!