Pont d'Arcole

Hey guys! Sorry about the absence, actually don't have a good excuse but now I'm back. Today is Monday and I had a great weekend. Worked all day on Friday, Saturday as well, then I went to Marta and Alex and had wine with them before meeting Lilia at the Frog bar at Trocadero. Had a really nice evening that ended with dancing in Grands Boulevards. Also had the funniest coincidence meeting a guy I've ran into two times before. With 2.2 million people in Paris it's pretty unbelievable. On Sunday I went swimming to the pool close to my place and bought some things in the market. Later I met Lilia in Champs Élysées for some shopping, found a pair of shoes for 15 euros on sale in GAP and then we went for dinner in Saint Michel. Burgers, a veggie one for me of course. Ended the day with a long walk by the Seine and lots of talking. This week I'm looking after a dog whose owner is out of town. They live in a really nice neighborhood in a beautiful appartment so I don't mind hanging out here at all. I only have one class today and then I'm going to Primark with Marta before going back to the dog. Hope you all have a great week, on Friday I'm going to Lyon by the way. So excited baout it!