Going home

Hi friends! Here's a pic from one year ago when I had just moved to Paris for the first time. It's crazy how time flies. I remember how I at that point started thinking about studying in Paris and then looked into schools and the whole process to apply... And here I am today! To think that I back then only knew the basics in French and that I today study at university in this language... It's fun where life takes you like that. Anyways. Yesterday I picked up a package after school and then I did my laundry before I went out with Macha to VIP Room. Wasn't too excited about Spanish class this morning though but it went okay actually. Since we've just started the new semester we got our grades from the first semester and I got 16.5 out of 20 which was top in the class! I'm so happy about that. Atleast ONE subject I'm good at haha... We were supposed to have English in the afternoon but it got cancelled for some unknown reason so instead I went with Daphne, Nadège and Celia from my class to have lunch before we all headed home. Now I've just packed my bag for the weekend and cleaned up my room. It's always nice to come home to a clean apartment. I'm so excited about this weekend, tomorrow Friday I'll have dinner with my girls and on Saturday my cousin has a birthday party and I have gifts for here from Paris. Then my sister comes home from her backpacking trip in Asia/Dubai so it will be great to see her again! And ofcourse Sarah and Bim who just got back from Asia/Australia as well. Many reunions and I can't wait! On Saturday I will work in Kino with Mathias in the bar also, that will be fun as always. And on Monday I'm coming back to Paris. Not sure about what to call home anymore, on one hand Åland will always be home but right now I feel pretty home-sih in Paris. Hmm. My flight is tonight and then I will sleep at Sofia's place in Uppsala before I take the ferry tomorrow morning. Have a great weekend everyone!