You snooze you lose

Worst quality in a long time but there's something wrong with my selfie camera so I had to filter it so hard lol. This was me Saturday for the Lucia performance in church.
Hey lovers! Sooo last week ended up being super busy. Not only was school quite intense and demanding, I also did a lot of other things. Well you know me, always almost too busy for my own good but nowadays I'm way better at having that balance that is SO important. At least for me, to get inner peace.
I had dinner with Emily one night, saw my english student Anh-Jade for drinks another day, worked in the club Thursday and Sunday, refilled my eyelashes (I have eyelash extension since quite a long time, SUCH a good decision for me), taught English two times with different students, saw Jenny for a well deserved lunch and hang out at Wild & The Moon (vegans/people interested, go here if you're in Paris), and also went to a vegan food store with her.
Friday night, though, I had to stay in since I had that exam I was upset about on Saturday. So I spent my Friday night in, with a face mask and some studying (?!?! actually impressed with myself lol). Anyways, the exam. I don't know but it actually went ok? I hadn't even looked at studying for it so I was prepared for the worst but there was so much that I felt like I knew! An incredible feeling when you've been doubting your accomplishments (or the lack of them) in school for a while. So I left with a really good feeling in my body and headed almost straight to an english class. Afterwards I went to the Swedish church where we had four (!) concerts on Saturday. Intense and so much fun. Wow singing really does something positive to me. Saturday night I finally had convinced Jenny to go out with me so she came here before and we had wine etc before going out and meeting Juliana at Monsieur Cirque where we stayed for a while but wasn't too impressed this time. So then we heade to L'Arc for a little while before going to Boum Boum where we had a table through the boss that Juliana knew. So cool. Lovisa and Jennifer also joined us there so that was nice. Actually neither of the clubs lived up to my expactations that night but I still had a good time with my girls, so, thats what matters <3.
Sunday I chilled and went to church at three in the afternoon for two concerts. We stand up for maybe 45 minutes and in the first one I felt as if I was going to faint so then I had to sit down a little bit to get some oxygen to my brain. I don't know, I never had that feeling before, but I started sweating and then my head started spinning and then I felt as if I lost my sight so then I realized it would be a better idea to sit down instead of making a big deal out of it. And for the second concert I was totally fine so that was cool, just had to focuze n breathing properly so my brain wouldnt shut of again. 
Aaand what more. Yes and then Sunday night (last night) I worked i the club with the girls. Actually quite fun this time even though my body was exhausted. Titty Twister was amazing, the ambiance and the music was the best I've seen in a club in a while here. Wow! This morning I had an important exam after having slept 2,5 hours (kids, do not try this at home). Not the most clever idea I've had but it went totally fine I felt like. I actually enjoyed it (who am I). It was sociology and we had to analyze our life with references to the sociology founding fathers and their theories so that was super interesting. I realized so much about myself lol. 
Anyways. Now I'm back home, in bed cause my body is so tired but I still had to sen some emails and my resume to some places for the up and coming internship. Now I just checked our project that we are presenting tomorrow in school so that should be fine too so NOW I think I can finally take a nap. Yes it's the afternoon but I work tonight again, this time as a hostess and I think the event will be quite late so. Better catch up on some sleep now.