Christmas 2017 part 2

On the 25th Sarah and her parents came to our summer house. I served this delicious bun/cake made out of saffron mmh. Vegan ofc!
In the evening we pregamed at my place on the balcony. Sarah, Melli, Jassa, Amanda and Bea and Edvard.
Aaand on the 26th, after a night out, we had tacos at the summer house with my mom, sister, Samuel and Patti. I made vegan ones for me and mom with beans.
Took salfies with my slightly overweight cat, Maja
This week I've been working four days in a row. Lots of fun! Also got the best vegan food.
One evening I went shopping with my mom to the store where I used to work, Modehuset Alice. Bought this AMAZING dress and another one.
Hung out at Dessie's place two nights with these girls when she was home from Marbella. So good to be reunited! <3
Also one night at Sarah's place with her and Patricia. This was out midnight snack haha
More restaurant lunches.
Dinner on Dinos and drinks at Indigo with Gabbi, Moa, Mathias, Emma and some others. So fun to be out and meet people and mingle!
Gabbi bought champagne ofcourse!
Today it is the 31st of December and I woke up to this prepared by my sister. Things could be worse for sure! Now out for a walk before getting ready to go to Mathias place for dinner with friends. I'll post a 2017 resume here later. HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! 

Christmas 2017 part 1

Heey people still reading this blog! I have so much to tell you about the Christmas holidays so let's start with a part 1 here. 
I landed at Stockholm Arlanda quite late Tuesday evening last week. How beautiful? Headed straight in to Uppsala and got the keys to Sofias apartment where I spent the night.
Wednesday morning. Woke up super early after a couple of hours of sleep and took the bus into Uppsala city center and then the next bus to Grisslehamn where we take the ferry to Åland.
The ferry was quite relaxing actually (for once, usually I get very bored) and when I arrived to Åland my dad came to pick me up. So good to see him after almost six months!
We went home for a "fika" and just chilled before I headed home to my mom's to hang with her a little bit. I was also stunned by the biggest tv I've seen in my life that my dad had bought haha...
Had dinner at my dad's place in the evening with his wife and my sister Mei and got to cook some vegan food as well. Did my delicious sweet potato curry/lentil/coco stew mmmh.
After dinner I saw some of my good friends, Jassa, Patricia and Melli <3
Aaaand ended the night back home at my mom's with a boardgame night with her, my sister and my sisters friend. So much fun. Busy first day at home!
The next morning I slept in before I went for a walk with our dogs. Look at this amazing view?! Wow I had really forgotten how beautiful it can be around here. This is mindfulness for me.
Hung out with my bestie Sarah in the afternoon and had a Christmas dinner at my dad's house with his side of the family.  They were going to Abu Dhabi for Christmas and New Years so we did an early Christmas with them.
Aaand Friday I finally ended up at our summer house with my sister and mother. How cozy?
Some vegan food ofcourse!
And cozy breakfasts
Spent a day with my sister taking pics of her dog and also wrapping my cat hahaha (don't miss the video on my facebook)... Yes we are weird. 
Countryside <3
Walks in the forest at our summerhouse
Ginger bread!
And then Christmas morning came, Sunday the 24th. Started with a typical Christmassy breakfast...
... and then I went with my mom and my grandmother to church. It's funny how this is my idea every year. Honestly I do it for the Christmas songs and the feeling of tradition. Not religious 
When we got back my sister and I had to take some more pics... Actually spent half this day photographing. 
Had dinner at my aunt's house with three of my cousins, my grandparents and my mom and sister. Not all family was there but we actually had a really nice evening together, watching the traiditional Donald Duck, eating good food and playing some card games.
Back home we opened the gifts. I remember before how important this was but this year I hadn't even wished for anything. You really learn what's important when you're away as much time from your family as I have been these past years. Spending time with them is the best thing I can get. Might sound like a cliché but it's 100 % true for me. Althoguh I did get some really nice things! Like an electric tooth brush (so happy about it hahah), a cozy set to wear at home and a super nice bag, among others. We ended the evening drinking Glögg and watching A Princess Diaries, both number one and two. Those movies are underrated for sure!
Part 2 coming up tomorrow. Probably not super interesting for you but with my horrible memory I really need to do these kinds of posts sometimes. It's mostly for myself haha, to be able to look back later on. Well hope you enjoyed it a little bit. I also hope you had a cozy and relaxing Christmas as well and got to spend some time with your loved ones. Hugs!

Last week in Paris before X-mas

Hey guys! How are you all? It's almost Christmas already can you believe it? Or maybe you've been preparing since a month back? Personally I've been SO busy these past weeks (as you might have gotten in my last post lol), so busy that I actually got sick for real on Saturday. The stomach flu to be more precise.. Lovely! Afterwards I've been suspecting that it was my body's way to slow myself down cause on Monday (after having rested aaall Sunday - yes it was hard for me to be in bed all day without doing anything) I felt better than I had in over a week.
Anyways, what did I do last week then, before getting sick? Well I had that exam on Monday morning, then I slept in the afternoon before I did some hostess work for a medical conference in the evening with my favorite collegue Marghuerite. The next days I had another exam and two presentations of big projects we have been working on for a couple of weeks. These days I also had performances with the Lucia choir, hip hop class and a nice dinner with Hailey on Thursday night before working in the club. Actually had Hailey staying with us from Wednesday to Friday, I love how it is always the same with some people, no matter how often (or not often) you see them.
On Friday I slept in and had a nice breakfast with the guys before going to see Jenny at her work in Galeries Lafayette and getting a Christmas gift. Also taught English in the late afternoon and stopped by the agency with the outfit I wore on Monday and to fill in some papers. They were so cute and invited me to their little Christmas party. Even if I can't go it's always nice to be invited. Friday night I spent at Emily's place eating gnocchi watching Sex and the City. Perfect lazy night.
On Saturday Jenny and I wanted to do something fun to enjoy Paris before going home for the holidays, so we went to the Fondation Louis Vuitton and checked out the exhibition that the Museum of Modern Art in New York has there at the moment. And wow! It was probably the best exhibition/museum experience I've had here in Paris, maybe the best one ever. I highly recommend you going there when in Paris! After that we headed to DS Café at Place Victor Hugo and had a really good late lunch. Also another place that I recommend. I should definitely put together a more complete Paris guide with my personal ideas. Maybe now when I'm home over the holidays and will have more free time!
Thanks Jenny for the pic
And about that! Cant't believe that I'll be in Sweden tonight and Aland tomorrow. It is almost six months since I was home the last time so this is big for me, haha. Having the last days in school now and tonight I'm going straight to the airport from school. Last night we spontaneously had a little goodbye dinner with the guys and also had Juliana and Brooke over. So much fun. Life is really about the people you surround yourself with, remember that. Well, until the next time my loves! Hugs