Today the impossible happened. It started off as a normal work day on the beach with a team meeting in the beginning. All good, sun shining, let's sell some tickets everyone. Three hours passed by, three hours like any other three hours on a normal day in Barcelona.
While taking a break grabbing a quick bite to eat we suddenly get a message from one of our team managers. "Don't go near the Ramblas anyone, something horrible happened, whatever you to DON'T APPROACH THE RAMBLA RIGHT NOW". The first thing I do is to go online. "Barcelona accident - Rambla street - Terror attack" and so on. Still nothing. After loading google one more time it's there "Van crashed into big group of people on the main street in Barcelona". Approximately 2-3 kilometers from where we were on the beach. On the street where we live with several of my coworkers. The first thing that hit our minds? Impossible. This can't be true. An hour goes by with phone calls and more news updates from worried friends and families all around the world. A few people hurt maybe? Finally it's there: 13 dead and over 80 people hurt. 
Today 13 innocent people died on the street that we currently call our home. 13 innocent people had to put their lives to this man in a white van. Imagine all the affected people. Their friends? Their families? My friends were locked in restaurants and my boss saw dead people on the street. My roommate was taking a nap at home and woke up by people screaming. The bodies of young girls laying around. Blood. Police everywhere and people running in all directions, screaming and terrified. On the beach all I saw was people on their phones, reassuring their loved ones that they were safe, and people leaving the beach. My phone kept ringing nonstop and I had two newspapers that did short interviews with me. "How do you feel now?" the guy on the line asked for the local newspaper? "...Scared" was all that I could come up with. 
I thank higher powers that the people I know are alive and I mourn with everyone affected by this tragic event. It could have been any of us.