Summer days

Hey guys! Here are a bunch of pics from my Saturday. I had a really nice and relaxing weekend. Thursday evening I worked in VIP ROOM, on Friday I had lunch with Ellie and then work in the bakery. In the evening Angelica came to my place and we had some Prosecco before we headed to L'Arc where we met some other girls. Such a fun night! Saturday I spent all day with my dear Rachel. We started with fajitas and continued with a walk in the sun before we sat down in a terrass and had some white wine. In the evening I went to Ellie's place before we met Linn and Julina and went to L'Arc again. My second home at the moment lol. Sunday I had a really chill day in the sun. Went to Champ de Mars and had sushi and talked on the phone with some people, then I walked to Trocadero and to Rachel's bar to say hi to her. Had dinner with Linn and Julina in the night before I went back home and fell asleep before eleven which is very early for me. 
This week I don't have much planned except school. Now I have four weeks left which feels surreal. On Thursday I'll work in L'Arc which will be great I think. Friday probably the bakery and then it's going to be really nice weather in the weekend so I guess I'll just enjoy that. Not too bad. xoxo