Parc de Sceaux

God morning lovies. I just arrived to school this grey Monday morning. Not feeling on top today, probably because of the lack off sleep from the weekend. I had a great one anyways, worked in L'Arc on Thursday which was very fun, then bakery on Friday and going out with Anna and Angelica. On Saturday I went with Liliia and her friend Dasha to a park south of Paris which was amazing. Only pink trees as you can see above. And in the evening I went to Caitlyn's house before we went to L'Arc. Great night. Yesterday we did a picnic the entire day with Caitlyn, Ellie and Angelica and then went to happy hour with Elina and her boyfriend.
Good weekend indeed with good friends. Hope you guys have a better start to this week than me, luckily I finish early today so always something.