Mon amour

Good morning guys. here are two pics from the fall when Siri and Melissa visited. Siri's photos of course! How pretty? Today I'm in school all day before I'm going to the airport to pick up Macha and then home to her before we go to L'Arc. Then we'll sleep at her place before we go to London early on Friday morning. I think we'll barley sleep actuallly... Anyways. Yesterday I refilled my lashes after school, they look so nice now. Love it. In the evening I just talked to both my parents on the phone and did my laundry for the trip. Glamorous lifesstyle yes indeed.
I probably won't blog this weekend so follow me on instagram (@stylebytaraa) and snapchat (@stylebytara) for more updates during the trip. Can't wait to see London with my girls. Have a great Easter weekend everyone!