High heels high hopes

Hi babes. In school right now but finishing soon. Today we started at 9 o'clock which is way too early for me. I prefer 10 haha. I'm such an evening person, I can easily stay up until 2 in the morning but getting up on the other hand is a whole other story. What I wanted to show you is my latest purchase which I actually did online the other day. Since I nowadays work in clubs I need to look the part which in this case means high heels. Oh well, the high part isn't really for me but I feel like I at least can where a little heel. These two are both four centimeters which is perfect, around five is fine cause then you barely feel like you're wearing heels and you still look fancy. That's my trick. These are from Zara, I think one of them were on sale so not very expensive. I love the tranparent part on the black ones since they are very simple otherwise, it's a cool detail but still very easy to match with anything. The pink ones are just like slip ins and look very fancy with the metallic parts I think. Love it. Perfect to match with black as I usually wear when I go out. They will also be good for Barcelona!