I've been thinking about posting this for a while so here it finally comes. What I've been eating lately. To be vegetarian /except for fish sometimes) is one of the best decisions I've made and lately I've been eating really healthy too. People says it does make a difference and I haven't really seen it on myself until recently. My skin is WAY better and I've also lost some weight which feels more than great. I've stopped drinking milk and replaced it with soy mild which might be why. And then as you see 90 % of what I eat is vegetables. I can highly recommend it!
Last week I had this delicious salad for dinner one day. Soya steak from my supermarket with an avocado, cherry tomatoes, couscous and some hummus.
Another day I had this. Sweet potate and hummus. 
Another salad. Coucous, tomatoes, cucumber and olive oil and some spices. 
Tacos in the Candeleria. I had with vegetables of course. 
Yeah I'm the typial vegetarian who only eats salads lol. 
Lazy dinner. Sweet potato and hummus. 
I eat sushi at least once a week here. Usually more often. Just can't get enough. Also this Vitamin Well with Lemon and Cactus was surprisingly good.
One of my favorite restaurants here in Paris, Paradis du Fruit (fruit paradise). Very very good and affordable food.