Just realised I haven't shown you photos from Italy and told you in detail about the trip. Sooo here we go!!!
We arrived on Thursday evening and met at our Airbnb since Sarah flew from Stockholm and I from Paris. After hugging and stuff we wandered out in the italian night for a light dinner. Walking in the street we realised we lived just right next to Colosseum which was a pleasant surprise. We sat down in an outdoor setting and had pasta and a veggie burger. And red wine of course. 
The following day we got up quite early and had breakfast before we headed out. The sun was brighter than anyone of us had seen in a while so we started by walking to the metro...
... to go to the Vatican! A must do in Rome. The queue to the Peters church and all of the museums was over three hours and cost like 50 euros so we politely said no and just took some pics in the huge square. Pretty cool after all those history lessons talking about this place.
Then we headed to our next stop: Fontana Di Trevi. A huge fountain that looks more like an ancient turquoise pool. It was amazing but too crowded for good photos. 
After the fountain we felt like we deserved some champagne so we sat down in the burning sun and had a glass each. So fancy and so right.
Spanish steps! Actually not sure about the name in English lol. Anyways. This place was crowded but also one of my favorite ones when in Rome. 
At this point we were hungry for lunch so we went to a cute rooftop terrass that we spotted from the steps but they turned out to only serve freezed pizzas reheated so... we had a glass of red wine each. This, my friends, was the best red wine I've ever had in my 21 year long life. Oh dear lord. Now I just checked on google maps and i think this rooftop is called Mariotti. Please do go there.
Lovely view with palmtrees and Instagram friendly stuff. Later we had salad for lunch and more red wine. When in Italy just saying...
In the evening we went back to nap and get ready for a night out on town since we were celebrating Sarah's 21st birthday. Ended up in a really fancy restaurant where I had this AMAZING parmesan risotto with safran and Sarah had a shelfish pasta. Mmmmh. 
After dinner it was still too early so we moved on to a cute bar in the city center. Went to the bathroom and asked Sarah to order for us. When I come back she's there with another bottle lol. This wine was VERY good too though. Later we ended up in the club Shari Vari, go there if you'r in Rome!
Next day we forced ourselves out of bed early to go and meet up with my uncle Keso and take the train to my dads cruise ship that was in Italy for a night. Look how beautiful it was at the sea!
We had such a nice lunch on the ship with a huge buffé. Yummmm.
Checked out the ship. This is the newest cruise ship in the world and apparently it's also ranked as the best one. Yeah the infinity pool was pretty cool so to say.
Birthday girl!!!
Then she bought a Hello Kitty balloon for herself haha!
And in the evening we went back to Rome after a lovely day and had dinner with Keso and checked out his neighborhood. Such a good day. The following day we woke up at 04:00 and went to the airport for our next stop on this little vacay: Paris! Over and out Italy, hope to see you soon again.