Hiii guys! So as you probably can guess from the headline I'm on vacation now... FOR FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS!!!!! Sorry just so excited and can't really believe it. Here's my cutie class today right after finishing the last class of our first year! Can't belive it's been a year already. 
Anyways. Sorry for being a bad blogger I've just been focusing on my social life lately. Tonight I'm working in L'Arc where I'm going with Angelica and a new friend, Asta. We will have dinner at my place before and I think it will be really nice. For tonight I have 18 girls which is a lot, I'm amazing haha. Kidding. And tomorrow we are going to Germany! Ahh life is so good right now. Have a great weekend everyone! <3


Any blondies out there? I thought so. I've always been blonde and I've tried loads of products to maintain my blonde tone. I was reading a blog last week where the girl wrote about this product above. It's a silver schampoo with a very strong effect so I decided to order it. The product is called Fudge Clean Blonde and I can reassure you that it works very well. I left mine in for about 15 minutes and my hair got so much lighter. The next time I did 30 minutes and I even had some purple tones in it - which went away after next wash. Best blonde product I've tried that isn't a real colour. I ordered it from Amazon as everything else I buy and it cost 20 euros but the tube is pretty big so I think it's worth it. Go go go!

Peace & love

Paris <3
Good morning guys and happy Friday! Last night I was on my way out when I got a phone call from Marta that changed everything. One dead police officer on Champs Élysées and two hurt. People were told to stay in and the metro was closed. I stayed at home, reassuring people that I was fine and watching the Swedish and French live news to keep up with was happening. I'm still in shock a bit, I was never this close to anything like this. Today, more than ever, we need great leaders in the world and people to stay united. Love will always win. 
That about that. Today I'm actually in school even though it's a Friday. We had a test a 9 this morning which I have no idea how went but I think it's the same for everyone which is good. Now we have management three hours and then it's finally the weekend. The weather is really nice here in Paris today which directly put me in a better mood than last night. Tonight I'll work in L'Arc with Romain since it was cancelled last night so now I'm trying to get a bunch of girls to join us as usually. It's a very interesting job indeed. Excited to go there though since it's been over a week. All time favorite club for sure haha. 
I hope you all have a great Friday, start to the weekend and weekend. Take care guys <3