Life & stuff

Hi guys! Hope you're doing well. My school week is over since I don't have class on Fridays. Kinda nice huh? Apart from studying I haven't been up to much lately, on Monday I had sushi with Charlotte after school, I don't think I ever will be tired of it haha. Then I went for an evening walk from my place to Macha's - 6,4 km by the Seine, not bad! On Tuesday I worked for one hour after school and in the evening I  hung out with Marta in her room. Love living next to her. Yesterday Wednesday I went to school again and after that I hung out with Macha all day, did some shopping on Champs Elysees and went to Abercrombie to check out the models who work there. In the evening I went for a run by the Seine, so nice compared to the usual place where I run. Then me and Marta watched a horror movie, but had to pause it halfway through cause we both were so tired haha. Today I finished school at noon already so then I did some shopping in the market, bought an egplant, a squash, lots of tomatoes, melon and avocado - all so cheap. Now I'm facetiming with Sarah and soon heading out to celebrate Marta who turned 26 last Saturday. 
Have good evening guys!