Hey guys! Hope you all had a good weekend. The first photo is from Friday evening with Alex, didn't get one with both her and Charlotte. Yesterday I went with Marta and Emma to the movies to see the new Bridget Jones movie. Afterwards we had Mc Donald's dinner before I headed home for a chill evening watching Mistresses in bed. I've finished all four seasons in two weeks, which I think speaks quite well off how much I liked it. I really recommend it, even though the ending was a bit sad... Today I woke up early (for me on a Sunday) and took the RER B to Villeparisis since I was going with Vanessa, David, Kian and baby Sören to Kian's pony jumping competition. It was a lovely day indeed with great company and weather, and Kian did so well in the competition. This evening I've just studied a bit, had dinner and spoken to Macha, mum and now Mathias. Been feeling a bit down lately but it always helps to talk to the people you love. <3
This upcoming week I'll try to focus on school since we have some projects and smaller tests. Then I'm gonna hang out in the gym and prepare for Rachels arrival on Thursday. Hugs to you!