Hello friends! Yesterday I was in school (surprise) and then I spent two and a half hours in the school's library working on a group presentation for our English course. Also went to the gym for a 45 minutes bodypump session. Today we had presentations in the class "economie contemporaine" and I managed to talk for five minutes about the Indian car market in French. Lol. May I add that I didn't choose the subject. It went fine anyways, I think, even though I was very nervous before. Now we have three and a half hours of microeconomics and then I'm heading home. Tonight's plans are as exciting as doing laundry. Will be a blast. Then I'll see Marta I think. In two days Siri and Melissa are coming to visit over the weekend, will be so much fun having them here! How we will squeeze in on 9 sqm though will be a challenge but everything is possible if you have the right attitude.