On my mind

Hey! Second time in the same day, what's happening? Haha. I'm currently doing my laundry so I'm pretty bored, just waiting for it to be finished so I can go home and have a glass of red wine and watch a movie with Marta. I realised by the way that I haven't told you about my plans for the nearest future. The other day I booked my flight home to Åland, I'll be leaving Paris the 30th of November. We have class that day so I will go straight to the airport after that and fly to Stockholm in the evening. Then I will spend two nights at Mathias place in Norrköping before we go home to the island together on Friday. That way I'll get to see where he lives, hang out with him and then have company on half of the trip home, good plan right? The next Monday I'll start my one month internship. It's a part of our first year as international management students, to do an internship in sales. I'll do mine in Modehuset Alice and I'm so happy about it. It will be great to be back home for a while, work, hang out with family and friends and just chill for a bit. And of course, celebrate Christmas.
We go back to school the 9th of January so I'll be on a plane to Paris the 7th. That's the plan. Even though I love living in this city and am actually starting to get into this whole studying in French thing I think it will be good for me with a little break. That way I'll appreciate it even more when I come back again.