When everything was fun and games

Hi there! I'd much rather be on a beach without any responsabilities in the world, like in the photo above, but I'm currently sitting in a Starbucks studying as usual. I feel like it's the only thing I do nowadays... I told my mom and she said that's how it should be when you're a student. Not sure I agree with that but you gotta do what you gotta do right? Today we had a spanish test and then I had my presentation about the drug problem in Mexico. Both went fine I think. Tomorrow we have a french ortographe test (like grammar, spelling, words and expressions) and then I have another presentation on Thursday and then this is all over.
I've said it before but I can't believe how fast time has passed by since I moved here. In two days I'm going to Sevilla to see one of the lovely people in this photo, Rachel. So excited. This will be my first time in the real Spain, I've only been on islands before. I come back on Monday morning, then I have one class in the afternoon, actually the last one in 2016! I go home on Wednesday next week, or to Sweden and stay with Mathias two days and then we go together to Åland on Friday. Fun things coming up for sure. 
Okay enough wiht this, now I have to continue study and then I'll head home and have dinner infront of Gossip girl. Have a good evening everyone!