Weekend in Lyon

Hey guys! I had an awesome weekend in Lyon. We didn't end up doing much actually, had burgers at Ninkasi (smoked tofu burger for me, did I tell you I've now stopped eating chicken as well?), walked around in the city, went to Grégoire's parents house for a night, spent an evening with them and their friends playing board games and so on. It was just so nice to spend some time with my best friend after six months apart. That's the good thing with us, even though we don't see each other for months and months everything is still exactly the same. On Sunday evening I took Blablacar (which I can recommen by the way) back to Paris.
Yesterday I was going to school but on my was I ended up feeling so sick so I had to get off the metro and go back home. Such a bummer but I slept for three hours and then I felt a lot better. So in the late afternoong I went to Starbucks in Boulevard Haussmann where I met Rachel for a little study session together. That's a really good study tip from me, to get together with a friend in a café and study. Much better than doing it at home alone. At eight o'clock in the evening I met my friend Hailey who have been traveling arounf Europe for the past three months. She is back in Paris for one week before her Visa expires and she has to go back to the States, so she's going to stay with me for a couple of days. We went for sushi and then a drink before we headed home and watched a movie. Great Monday evening! 
Right now I'm in school, started this day with Spanish and now we're having law. Not my favorite subject but I pretend I know what I'm doing. I'm getting so good at that lol. We finish soon and then I'm going to meet Hailey somewhere in Paris. After this week I only have one more week before going to Spain and then home to Åland. So excited for everything that is to come. Have a great week everyone!