Cherry blossom dreams

Hi lovelies! As you might guess this pic is not from today but from the spring. How inspo? Paris does not look like this right now, that's one thing that is for sure. When I walked out of school today at 4:30 it was already starting to get dark... Oh well, not much we can do about that right? On my way home I went food shopping which I haven't done in like two weeks so it was much needed. I just made guacamole that I put in the refridgerator and now I'll study a bit before I have it as my reward haha. We are doing this French ortographe thing in school right now called Voltaire which is basically a grammar test for native speakers cause the French language is so complicated... So I'm learning a lot but it's quite complicated. Well I have to get back at it now but check in later, then I'll recommend some good movies I've seen lately / the movie nerd.