S e v i l l a

Hey guys! Here are my photos from Sevilla. Had an awesome weekend with Rachel and her friends, so much fun! We walked all over the city, went to a museum, Museo de bellas artes, saw a flamenco show, had sushi, celebrated Thanksgiving, had vegetarian burgers in an American diner, went out, tried paella which was delicious and had Mexican the last night. Such a good time! Came back yesterday morning and went to sleep until I had to get up and go to school for my last class of 2016!! Then I had vegan pizza for dinner with Emma and Ellie and said goodbye to them.
Today I started the day with breakfast with Rachel in Starbucks, then I went for some gift shopping and then I had chinese with Marta for lunch. After that we headed over to the Grand Palais to try to get a glimpse of the Victoria's Secret show that takes place there tomorrow. Soooo cool! We actually saw the famous photographer James Russell and also the Swedish model Elsa Hosk. Wowowow. Now I'm home and just finished packing my little back. Tomorrow I'll have lunch at my aupair family's house and then go to the airport. Can't wait!!!

Paris - Sevilla

Hello lovers! I'm sitting in the airport right now, waiting for my flight. I have two hours before it leaves so I just bought a Vogue magazine to keep me occupied. Maybe I'll eat something too haha. Can't wait to be in España! Tomorrow we will tourist and celebrate thanksgiving, so excited for everything. Hope ya'll have a great weekend, I know I will!


Hi my dear friends. Today was a looong day in school. We started at 9 and I didn't walk out of the school building until 18:30 tonight. It was dark and I was tired in my head. Haha. We did the ortographe test and it actually went fine, considering me not being French, that is. We also got our grades on a presentation we did earlier this semester in economics and mine was actually okay! So happy about that considering that I think the teacher hates me. Oh well, I guess you can't be loved by everyone. Now I*m in Costa waiting for Emma, we are gonna have vegan burgers for dinner!!! Yummieeeee. Now she actually arrived so I gotta go. Talk to you later peeps!