-> Stockholm

Good morning peeps! I'm up early to take the ferry to Sweden to go to Arlanda and meet up Rachel who's arriving today! We will stay one night in Stockholm and I'll try to show her the city even though I honestly don't know so much about it. I mean, the only place I basically go is Drottninggatan for shopping. Oh well. Then we go to Åland on Saturday and she goes home on Monday.
Yesterday I started the day earlier than I usually do with going to the gym. Then I headed straight to work and when I finished at two I went to Sittkoffska and worked there until the evening. So good to
be back there!! It's funny how I never thought the restaurant business would be anything for me, considering now that it's the job I enjoy the most out of all the different jobs I've had. Can't wait for this summer when I'm gonna work there full time. And then hopefully Rockoff too yeeyyy. After I finish my degree in 2,5 years I think I want to do a master in hospitality management, how awesome wouldn't that be? I think it would suit me and I know I would enjoy it so much.
Have a great weekend guys!

Heaven is a place on earth with you

Hi my friends! I've not been up to much these past few days, just work and hanging out with Mathias basically. Also been hanging at Sittkoffska since we like it so much there. Tomorrow I will work at Alice from 10.30-14 and then from 15 at Sittkoffska. Excited about it! Today I went with Mathias for some shopping, bought an Odd Molly top on sale, a new bra and Nike tights for working out. Good to see my old colleagues at Sportia as well, they are so cute. Tomorrow before work I'll hit the gym also, went there tonight with my mom. She pays for me for one month as a christmas gift, perfect! Now I have to do this weeks fashion column for the paper, just trying to find some inpiration. Just booked a hostel in Stockholm for me and Rachel for the weekend since she's coming to visit me! So excited!! 


Hi lovelies! On Friday morning we started the trip home and arrived in the evening. I had dinner with my family on our new big balcony and then I met Mathias, Amanda, Moa and Gabbi. On Saturday I went for a long walk with Jassa and the dogs. Then I worked with Mathias for 11 hours for Mariepark's catering. Saw many familiar faces from the summer so that was really great. Had such a fun time as always with that team. I started as a waiter and ended the evening as a bartender haha, not complaining! Today I woke up late and now I'm gonna meet Jassa and Melli for lunch. Tomorrow I start my internship, yeey! See you!