Peace & love

Paris <3
Good morning guys and happy Friday! Last night I was on my way out when I got a phone call from Marta that changed everything. One dead police officer on Champs Élysées and two hurt. People were told to stay in and the metro was closed. I stayed at home, reassuring people that I was fine and watching the Swedish and French live news to keep up with was happening. I'm still in shock a bit, I was never this close to anything like this. Today, more than ever, we need great leaders in the world and people to stay united. Love will always win. 
That about that. Today I'm actually in school even though it's a Friday. We had a test a 9 this morning which I have no idea how went but I think it's the same for everyone which is good. Now we have management three hours and then it's finally the weekend. The weather is really nice here in Paris today which directly put me in a better mood than last night. Tonight I'll work in L'Arc with Romain since it was cancelled last night so now I'm trying to get a bunch of girls to join us as usually. It's a very interesting job indeed. Excited to go there though since it's been over a week. All time favorite club for sure haha. 
I hope you all have a great Friday, start to the weekend and weekend. Take care guys <3 

Life and stuff

Good evening guys! Here's another one from London, already missing it and my girls. Today I had an exam in French law in school, went okay I think for some reason. Then I headed home and slept like two hours and spent all afternoon in my bed. I was soo tired, not sure why. Last night I went with my dear Rachel to Café du Marché and had wine and a royal mojito so that might be why haha... #LifeInFrance. I felt a bit better after resting so then I went with Marta to Alex place where we did a little apero and just chatted and catched up. So nice to see her again. Sometimes I just realise how lucky I am to have these people in my life, and to have the honor of calling them my friends.
Tomorrow I start at 1:30 in the afternoon so I'm going to sleep in, eat breakfast for once and study. Maybe even go for a run since it's been ages. I'm so lazy nowadays ugh. Tomorrow evening I'm working in L'Arc as every Thursday, will be nice to see the L'Arc fam again haha. It's the only club I've been going to this spring. On Friday I actually have school for once and then I'm heading straight to the bakery to work. Then it's the weekenddddd. Yay. I love weekends. Sometimes I feel like I literally live for it. Guess it's the same for everyone. On Sunday I'm going with Marta to Le Havre to see my dad on his boat. Will be so much fun! Also I can announe that it's one month until I'm going home to Finland. It feels... weird. I dont know. I don't even know what to call home anymore. Paris is my home, I think. Home is where the heart is and that is definitely in Paris. Then it's 76 days until I'm on a flight to Barcelona, not that I'm counting or anything eeh. Life is good. Sometimes I think you just have to stop and see how far you have come and how much you have to be grateful for in life cause normally we are just rushing through it. Enjoy every second. Okay enough with the deep talk. Sleep tight guys! 


Hey my loves. This weekend in London has been great in all possible ways. To spend four days with your best friends in a beautiful city just doing what you feel like... It doesn't get much better than that does it? Here's a bunch of photos. We have done some sightseeing, shopping, clubbing, eating, walking over 10 k every day... Yeah that's pretty much it I think. Had such a good time! <3