Interviewing someone famous

Hi people! It's been a while again, yesterday I started working on Ålandstidningen, the local newspaper of my island. So I'm happy, I love this job and wouldn't trade it for any other summer job. And today I'm even happier than usually here cause today I'm interviewing Finland's Justin Bieber, Isac Elliot. If you haven't heard his music you really have to listen. I love it! And yesterdat I barely knew who he was. That's why I love my job, always full of fun surprises. I'm gonna enter the festival area with a backstage pass, so cool I think haha. Going there soon now and I'm actually a bit nervous. But just a bit. He is after all 13 years old so how scary can he be?
Talk to you guys later or another day, now I'm off for hanging with a star. xoxo

A day in Stockholm

... Sooo I'm tired guys. Very. With three hours of sleep and a full day in Stockholm I just wanna lay down in my bed and sleep for a week I feel like haha. Oh well I had a really good day anyways. Did some more shopping than planned  but all was on sale so I was happy. Got some tops, a skirt, some workout clothes and two bikinis. I know, I don't need more bikinis but it's kinda like my shoppibg addiction hehe. Talk more to you tomorrow, sweet dreams! xx


Good morning guys! The last few days I've been working, hanging with my dad and playing some beach volleyball. Last night I went with my friends and we ended up on Arken. Came home pretty late and now I'm on the ferry with Antonia, Jasmine and Bim to Stockholm. Gonna do some shopping. Have a great day people! xx

Summer days

Hi people. So today I had a pretty busy day. Or busy I don't know but I did something haha. I worked at Amalia as I told you guys about earlier. Made beds, cleaned floors and bathrooms and worked some in the cafe. So it was fun to do something. After that me and mom did some tanning down on our own beach and then my dear friend Bim drove all the way out here to hang with me. Friends like that. We went with my sister and small cousins with the boat and swam for a while. Or stood in the water swearing eh. Now we are watching football here, my heart is for Argentina since it's Spanish speaking and close to Mexico but my brain is for Holland so we will see. Tomorrow I have 8 hours work. Love! xx


Just nu är jag sugen på lite nya fräscha träningskläder, någon fin klänning och en söt vippig kjol. 

Monday funday

Hi guys. So I had a really great start of the week. I begun the day with a powerwalk with Jassa and then we had lunch at ÅSS with Antonia and Amanda. Soooo yummie OMG. You have to go there. Plus it's so nice to sit by the ocean and eat and look at all the tourists with their boats. After lunch me and Jassa went for some shopping and visited our working friends and later we went back home and had some coffee on my balcony. In the night my sister came hime so I made dinner for us and then me, Sarah and Bim went to the gym! Oh yes, trying to get back in track. We finished the day with some beach volley and then tea at Bim's place with some girls. Now I'm home on the couch exhausted. Very. By the way on Wednesday to Saturday this week I'll work on Amalia, the bed and breakfast where I worked last summer. I'm actually excited about starting to make my own money again, it's been a while eh. Tomorrow I'm free again though so I'll see what I do. I'll keep you guys posted anyways. Love!
Yummiest lunch ever

Back on track

Hiiiii everybody! It's been a while huh? I'm sorry about that but I was enjoying the best of Mexico so actually I'm not very sorry. Oh well. Now im
home in Finland. Or I don't know home, I consider Mexico as my home now too. It's been a few intense days since I arrived. I can't even start to explain how great it was to see my friends and family after a year. A year people. It's crazy. Now I miss Mexico though. So much I wanna cry. Ugh this sucks. Life of being an ex exchange student.
However now I'm gonna sleep. Tomorrow I'll have lunch with the girls and go on a morning pw with Jassa.

So you wanna play with magic?

Hi people. So it's been a while again and this time I can honestly blame it on my internet which has been shut down for the last few days. Oh well... So I didn't blog lately, but did you die? Haha ok just kidding. Last weekend was awesome and so was this one, I'm so happy with my life at the moment. More love, more laugh, more smiles, more happiness. On Friday I just hung by my pool with Rachel and my family and had some pizza and later two of my guy friends stopped by. On Saturday I went early with my Rotarians for som stuff with them and then in the afternion I went with all if the exchange students and some other people to Akinoria house to watch the Champions League final. After that we hung out by the pool, ordered pizza, danced and swam. I am so lucky to have these people in my life, it's like having nine new best friends from all around the world. Saturday night me and Rachel and Jake went to a friends of a friends house and hung there and played some games and had fun before we went out. Good night! Sunday was an incredibly lazy day where I spent most of my time in bed before I in the night went with Rachel and Fredi to the airport to revive Rachel's friend Emily who's gonna stay here for five weeks. After we all and some other people went for tacos, delicious as always. Today I went to school and hung with my best guy friends most of the day before I went to the mall to see a movie with Rachel. So good! I also bought an outfit for Saturdays "Pointless white party" which one of my school friends is arranging, will be so much fun I think. I hope you guys are good and by the way if you have any questions you can go to my Ask which is
A little sneak peak of Saturdays outfit, I'll show you better pics later!


Favorite Color: pink, every day in the week! I 
Favorite Store: for clothes? Shasa, F21, VS, H&M
Favorite Sport: volleyball ofcourse.
Favorite Animal: cats obviously.
Favorite Food: tacos!
Favorite Drink: piña colada eh.
Favorite type of candy: chocolate mmm.
Favorite Book: at the moment fifty shades.
Favorite Magazine: Elle.
Favorite Flower: mmm
Favorite Song: dark horse Katy Perry, never get tired of it.
Favorite Movie: high school musical<3
Favorite TV show: friends & gossip girl 4-ever.

Old one from Copenhagen last summer.

It's a love story, baby just say yes

Hi people. So I had a pretty awesome weekend with Rachel staying in my house since Thursday. Now it's Monday and she's still here which means neither one of us went to school today hmm... Oh well, tomorrow I'll go I guess. Now I'm gonna take a quick shower and then we are off to the mall for breakfast mmmm. Hope y'all have a lovely day! xo
Last night at Mostos having pizza

Love these people

Hi guys, Ive had some pretty awesome last few days with good friends. Here's a pic from last nights party, so cool. Love!


Hi guys! I'm sorry for the low activity here but I've had some internet problems. On Sunday I went with Rachel to the movies and then we went with some friends. Monday was a school day like Tuesday and Wednesday so the week hasn't been that interesting - this far. Today I'm not in school due to my incredible laziness, and tomorrow we are free so now I have a long weekend ahead of me. How exciting?! Talk later lovers! 

Some shopping...

Today it's Mother's Day here in Mexico so me and my hostmum and sis went to do some shopping. I was so happy when I found the bag above on half price, it's perfect and now I can finally ditch my old H&M that's been hanging on my arm since sixth grade just because I'm so picky with bags. The tops I got for a good price and they are so cute I think. I've started to really like shorter tops with a skirt, so nice, so the patterned one is perfect for that. The other one I thought was lovely with the 3D flowers, you'll see them both on pics soon for sure.

World of Nike Free

A small addiction I have is workout shoes and sneakers. Especially the ones from Nike. I own three pairs of Nike Free and now I want new ones. I like all of the ones above and especially the turquoise ones. Gotta keep looking in stores since they are cheaper here than at home.

Good Thursday

Hi everybody. I had a pretty full day today. It started with recibing Gabi's parents and boyfriend at the airport this morning who came from Brasil. I am sooo jealous of her, you have no idea. After that all of us went to Marisa's cafe to have breakfast together and then me and Karin went to the mall. There I bought a pair of shorts and Karin did her eyebrows and then we went to her house where we chilled and sleped and ate before we went to the gym with Jake. I'm so happy to be back there really, it was great tonight. Spent 30 minutes on the threadmill and then abs/ass/legs. I love that we have a personal trainer there, so cool I think. When I got home tonight I made myself som fitspo food actually, a smoothie of banana, kiwi, peach milk and normal milk and also a omelette of egg and milk with cheese and tomato. So delicious! Now I'm watching some gossip girl before going to sleep cause tomorrow I go with the Rotarians. No school yey, love skipping school haha. Okay nighy night xoxo

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