Workouts of the week

Good evening! I just got back from tonight's late volleyball practice. There's not much to tell you today apart from that I've been to the gym and school so I thought I'd share my workut schedule for this week. Maybe someone's interested? Maybe not? Hehe. As I've been saying I'm really in a good flow right now. I am also trying to eat very healthy which I always do, but a little less carbs. This said, I would never go on a diet or 100% restrict myself. "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle" suits me very well. Maybe I should start posting some recipes here again?
Monday: 5k intervals on the treadmil, 28 minutes altogether. The first 2k I run between 10-12 and then for every new kilometer I jog slowly for 200-300 metres before I accelerate until the next k. Also did back, chest and core in the gym. Volleyball in the evening. 
Tuesday: 5k intervals + legs?
Wednesday: Swim 1k. Volleyball in the afternoon
Thursday: 5k intervals (maybe more) + gym.
Friday: 5k intervals + swim 1k.
Saturday: Maybe gym, depending on shape hehe.