Eat your greens

Hello lovers! I hope you've had a great weekend like I did. Yesterday I worked in the bakery and then Emma came to my place before we went to celebrate Rachel and Nikol's birthday party in a cozy little bar with some people. Great evening that ended with dancing at Corcoran's on Grands Boulevards before I took a night bus home. Today I had breakfast with Emma and then I've done some vegetable shopping in the market as always on Sundays, studied French law for two hours and been out for a 1,5 hour walk in the late afternoon sunshine. Almost 8,5 km, not so bad. Now I'm home and just enjoyed this lovely meal above; sweet potato, brussel sprouts, carrots and haricots verts with guacamole. So so so good. Don't think I'm gonna do much tonight, maybe watch a movie or two or continue with Skam. If you haven't seen it it's a must-do. Tomorrow I'm off school even though it's Monday which is great haha!
Have a nice evening everyone!

La vie

Salut et bonne week-end ! I've had a good week with work in the bakery, some shopping, studying, birthday dinner with some girls fro Rachel on Wednesday and last night I went out with Macha and her friend Laure who's visiting. We went to VIP Room on Rue de Rivoli which was pretty cool actually. They had a fashion show for fashion week which is currently going on here in Paris. Danced with male models, not too bad! Today we've had sushi with Louis and strolled around in the beautiful sunshine and visited the Panthéon (above). Such a great day apart from being a bit tired from last night. Right now I'm at home, going to take a shower and have dinner and then I'm going to Macha's before we're heading to Héritage to watch Usher perform. Sounds pretty dope to me. Have a great weekend! 

Sous les nuages à Bastille

Hi friends! This is a pic from today when I came back from Le Marais after som gift shopping for a friend's birthday. I love to buy gifts for others, actually more than buying things for myself. Apart from that I've studied two hours today, had coffee with Marta at my place and cleaned my room. In the later afternoon I went shopping with Macha to Saint Lazare. Bought two nail polishes on sale and the coolest skirt in Mango that was also on sale. It's iterally sale everywhere in Paris and I feel that is so dangerous... but also so fun. I'll try to show you a pic of the skirt tomorrow when I'm planning on wearing it. A very good Monday all in all, no school but tomorrow I have one class of Spanish! In the afternoon I'll go to the bakery where I might get hired and "test work", excited about that. Keep your fingers crossed for me please. Now I'm sitting by the little table in my apartment, had the most delicious dinner earlier. Same as last week, sweetpotato and carrot soup with avocado toast. Like dying and coming to heaven!